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Criminal Cops

(How to Survive Police Misconduct)

 by Samuel Clark

Are the police becoming a criminal organization? 

 This Book Provides the Facts!

ISBN Number 978-0-9764929-4-8

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Police officers are empowered by law to protect the lives and property of citizens.  The public has entrusted the police with power and authority to detain citizens accused of committing a crime, until there is a judicial hearing to determine that citizens guilt or innocence.  In the course of performing their responsibilities and duties to serve the public, police officers in certain specific circumstances are authorized to use deadly force.  Police officers are expected to be honest, truthful, fair, and dedicated to the rule of law.  Therefore criminal acts committed by a police officer should be an extremely rare occurrence.  This occasional criminal behavior of a rare rogue police officer would, if detected, certainly result in the forfeiture of his/her employment as a police officer.  Unfortunately the termination of a rogue police officer's employment is the exception and not the rule.  This is not because high-ranking police officials failed to detect the rogue cop's criminal acts, its because police supervisors and high-ranking police officials protect rogue cops and cover up their criminal acts.  By protecting these criminal acts of subordinate officers, police supervisors are also committing a criminal offense. 


Since the establishment in 1844 of the first police department in New York City, misconduct and corruption has been a problem.  However, the police have been solely responsible for policing themselves and purging rogue police officers from the police department.  This self-policing system, filled with partiality, secrecy, and conflict of interest, has not only failed to retard corruption, but has resulted in an unprecedented spike in police misconduct.  Rogue police officers and supervisors continue to protect illegal drug, gambling, prostitution, and theft rings. Rogue cops also operate illegal enterprises.  Police corruption is now a multi-billion dollar industry.  It cannot be stopped by the present system that allows the police to police themselves.  Until police misconduct is stopped, criminals will not only victimize citizens, but citizens will also be victimized by police officers who have taken an oath to protect them.

            This book is an effort to inform and protect the public from the severe dangers of runaway police misconduct that presently exists throughout the United States.  It provides suggestions about what to do when you are confronted by the police in certain situations.  Important information about internal police policies, practices, procedures and police culture are also provided. This book explains the inherent fallibility of the self-policing system presently being used.  It also provides solutions and simple anti-police corruption acts that can be performed by any citizen.

The author of this book is not an anti-police zealot, but an individual dedicated to justice for all.  Sam Clark is a former police lieutenant with over 25 years experience in law enforcement.  He is a corruption whistle blower and a survivor of police brutality.






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