“Police Reform” has never been the solution. The entire police system must be ‘restructured.’



Retired Police Lieutenant Samuel Clark is what all police officers’ goal of “Protect and Serve” should be. Lieutenant Clark has lead the way since before his career and after in the Newark New Jersey Police Department as a truth-teller. He is the author and authority on surviving police misconduct. Lieutenant Clark has guided Police Officers and Fire Officials, myself included, throughout New Jersey and this nation on the topic of detection and reporting Official Misconduct. Lieutenant Sam Clark’s insight is a much-needed read, especially in today’s political climate.   –   Retired Fire Captain Andrew Selby


In or about the year 1996, I had the pleasure of meeting an individual who would later turn out to be one of the most honorable and influential people that I have come to know in my lifetime, Mr. Samuel Clark. Mr. Clark and I met during our individual quests to expose racial disparity and corruption within the Newark Police Department. There are very few people in this world today that would dare risk or even jeopardize all that they worked so very hard to attain in life. Samuel Clark answered a higher call, a moral call, a supreme call. A call to represent injustice and inequality. A call that separates cowards from heroes. I am proud to call Samuel Clark my hero and my friend. May God bless Samuel Clark and his family for enduring a special man who did not hide under a rock, a man who I can truly say makes the world a much better place with his presence.


Mr. Darren M. Nance